10 Reasons Fall Running Is The Best

fall running

Fall is in full swing and there’s nothing better than running outside when the weather is cool.

Fall is a time of year that many runners look forward to.

Sweaters, boots, pumpkin spice lattes, changing leaves and the cool air.

For me, fall means getting out there and running outside as much as possible before it gets too cold.

Fall running is my favorite running season because it has so many perks: cooler temps while you run and less risk of injury from heat and humidity.

The only thing I don’t like about fall is that it means that winter is right around the corner, but there are still so many perks of fall.

I hope this post will motivate you to get out there and enjoy autumn running!

In this blog post we’ll explore 10 reasons why Fall Running is the best! Ready? Let’s go!

10 Reasons Why Fall Running Is The Best

1) The leaves change colors, making it a beautiful backdrop for your run

My favorite thing about fall is all of the pretty colors!

There’s no doubt that fall is gorgeous and what better way to enjoy the beauty than out on a run?

2) You’ll probably get a pumpkin spice latte after your run to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished

Ahh yes! Pumpking spice lattes. So basic but so satisfying.

Another perk of fall running is that you can treat yourself to a pumpkin spice latte after you run! Is there anything better?

3) There’s no humidity or extreme heat

I have a lot of coaching clients who live in really hot climates.

Fall provides some cooler temps and some relief from the extreme heat that many of us experience during the summer.

It’s great to take advance of the lower humidity levels too!

4) It feels so good to wear your favorite fall clothes while doing something you love

It can be fun to refresh your wardrobe when the fall season comes. That includes your running wardrobe!

This is the time to switch things up and wear some fresh new fall running clothes!

5) It’s the perfect time to try new running routes

Fall reminds me of fresh beginnings because everything is changing.

This makes it a perfect time to switch up your routine and try some new running routes.

Keeping it fresh and interesting helps you to reignite your passion for running and stay motivated!

6) Less chance of being affected by allergies

Many runners (myself included) struggle with seasonal allergies during the spring and summer.

In the fall, it can be a time for many allergy sufferers to finally get some relief.

7) You can do some holiday shopping at local apple orchards or pumpkin patches

One of our favorite fall traditions is to go to a local farm to do pumpkin and apple picking, go on a hayride, and have some apple cider.

In the fall, you have fun activities like this to look forward to on your runs!

8 ) Watching football on Sundays becomes much more enjoyable

Football season is another great perk of the fall season.

I always feel more balanced and energized when I watch football games after a nice run.

9) Fall means less bugs because they’re hibernating

Summer can be a very buggy time for a lot of us. A benefit of running in the fall is that there are less bugs outside.

In the fall, they go into hibernation, which is a major benefit!

10) The leaves crunch under your feet as you run which is really satisfying

My favorite thing of all! I love the satisfying feeling of leaves crunching under my feet!

How awesome is it when you find a big, perfectly crunchy leaf and you step on it and hear the perfect “crunch”?

Maybe it’s just me, but this can add to the enjoyment of my runs greatly!

Do you think fall running is the best? Why or why not?

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  1. yes on fall running and pumpkin lattes. Looking forward to no more mosquitos but not that my daylight is decreasing everyday.

  2. Fall is my favorite season! I am all about it and cannot wait

  3. Well… I love all these things in theory, but we don’t really get a fall in Florida. I absolutely cannot wait for a break in the heat and humidity, but we don’t usually get that till late October.
    I do enjoy seeing everyone’s pictures of pumpkin patches and leaves on the ground- I like to live vicariously!

  4. I love fall running too- I really appreciate some cooler weather after a long hot summer! I just dont like that winter is right behind it!

  5. I love fall running, but my favorite time tends to be Spring (I don’t suffer with allergies). I do agree there’s a lot to love about fall though!

  6. Where I live, it doesn’t cool down too much, and there are no leaves changing. We have PSLs, but it hit different in 80 degree weather. Ah well. Such is Florida!

  7. I love autumn, too!
    But like Judy, I prefer the spring, when nature seems to awaken from its winter sleep.

  8. I always enjoy the break from the heat and humidity in the fall! It’s my favorite season of running, although we don’t get much of a fall in Northwest Indiana.

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