5k Pace Chart: What Will Your 5k Finish Time Be?

Signing up and training for a 5k is an exciting time! You may be a seasoned runner or this may be your very first race! Regardless of your experience level, you’re probably wondering what type of time you can expect to finish the 5k. A 5k pace chart can be helpful to show you your expected 5k finish time based on your mile run pace!

5k races are one of my favorite distance races. They’re the best beginner-level race, and can be fun for a wide variety of runners!

How long is a 5k?

5 kilometers is equal to 3.1 miles. The 5k can be an excellent race distance for your first race or if you want to do a race that doesn’t require an extensive amount of training.

Many runners will run a few 5ks before taking things up a level and signing up for longer races such as 10ks, half marathons, or marathons.

Many local communities host 5k races for special causes and it can be a great way to focus on your health and support an important cause.

Whether this is your first 5k race or your 50th, it can be helpful to anticipate what your race time might be. Depending on the size of the race, you may finish in the top 3 of your age group.

5k Pace Chart

Here is a 5k Pace Chart that will tell you what you can expect your 5k finish time to be based on how fast you run each mile:

The 5k will always be a special race distance for me. No matter what pace you run your 5k at, the fact that you are doing the race is a huge accomplishment in itself!

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