How Running Mile Repeats Can Improve Your Marathon Time

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Training for a marathon can get a bit boring if you’re only adding to your easy long run each week. There are a variety of other ways that you can add some fun and excitement to your training plan, while also helping you to improve your marathon time!

If you’re looking to improve your marathon time, running mile repeats can be a great way to do it. Mile repeats are a type of interval training that marathoners and half marathoners often use to improve their performance.

By running mile repeats, you’ll be able to train your body to run at a faster pace for longer distances. This can help you improve your marathon time. Plus, running mile repeats is a great way to add some excitement to your training routine!

What are mile repeats and why should you do them

A mile repeat is a run training variation that you can do to enhance your race performance and train for longer races such as a marathon. It is a form of speed work that can be added to your training plan in addition to your long runs.

The structure of a mile repeat workout is usually 4-6 sets of running 1 mile at a time, with varied recovery intervals of an easy jog between each set.

This may not sound that hard, but during each of the 1 mile repeats, you are aiming to run a particular pace, which is typically faster than your easier pace.

The number of repetitions depends on where you are in your training cycle and what your race goals are.

Mile repeats can be an effective way to improve your speed and endurance as a runner. They can also help you build strength and stamina for races of any distance. Running mile repeats will help you build mental strength in preparation for race day.

How to structure your mile repeats for best results

There are a variety of ways that you can structure mile repeats into your workouts. The specifics of the workout, such as number of repeats, will depend mostly on what you are training for, where you are at in your training, and what your race goals are.

I will share an example of how to structure your mile repeats for best results.

  • Start with a warm-up jog of at least 1/2 mile
  • Run the first repeat at your goal pace
  • 3+ minutes recovery jog or walk after each repeat, ensuring that your heart rate slows a bit back to that of your easy pace
  • Finish with a cool down jog of 1/2 mile or more

The benefits of doing mile repeats

There are many benefits to running mile repeats. You improve your mental and physical stamina, your aerobic capacity, and your running economy.

You train your body to run at harder paces for set periods of time. Running mile repeats also helps to improve your lactate threshold.

Running mile repeats helps you to imrprove your pace on race day. They help you to prepare for running race pace in a way that will also help to decrease your risk of injury.

Running mile repeats while you train for a marathon helps you to improve your stamina and add some variety to your training.

Also, they help you to build mental toughness and stamina because they can be very challenging.

Tips for executing mile repeats

There’s no doubt that running mile repeats is an effective workout that will help you as you train for your goal time. There are a few different ways that you can execute mile repeats.

If you want to maintain your current pace, you can plan to do the mile repeats at a tempo pace. Tempo run means running at a moderate to hard effort.

In addition to the mile repeats, it can be helpful to add a few other quality sessions to your training plan. I love to add hill workouts, such as hill repeats to my runners’ training plans. These can be especially helpful if you’re training for a hilly race!

If you’re looking for a challenging workout that can help take your running to the next level, give mile repeats a try!

How Running Mile Repeats Can Improve Your Marathon Time

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