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I’m a running coach, mental health advocate, speaker, blogger, working mom, and wife. I help women become better runners to improve their mental health and wellness.

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I believe you are capable of amazing things.  You deserve to make your health and wellness a priority and I am here to help you along the way.

Hi. I’m Coach Lauren. I went from someone who hated running to a passionate Marathoner and Triathlete who found a true love for running and sharing that love with others. 

The purpose of Running for Wellness is to help women prioritize their mental health and wellbeing through running

I blog about running, mental health, and wellness.  I love to help people prioritize their health and wellbeing and teach them how to safely and sustainably become a runner for life. 

I’ve been featured in Prevention Magazine, Health Magazine, Running Explained, Authority Magazine, Runner Click, Marathon Handbook, Still I Run, The Daily Positive, NAMI Keystone PA Blog, and more. 

Let me set the record straight, I am not an elite runner by any means, but I know a LOT about running.  I started learning in 2014 when I completed my first 5k and I’ve been learning as much as I can about running ever since. 

I began running simply to “get in shape” but I found much more than I bargained for.  I realized that running made me feel calm, confident, and helped me to deal with anxiety and stress. It taught me about discipline, determination, and resilience.

When I first started running, I wanted to learn as much as I could about running to help myself become a better runner, and over time, I have found a passion for continuous learning to help YOU become a better runner. 

Nothing gives me more joy than watching others improve their lives and raise their confidence through running

So, that is why I am here.  I am so excited to help you on this journey and to cheer you on!

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I decided to train with Coach Lauren because of her focus on how running can improve mental health. Since training with Coach Lauren, I've been consistently running 4 days a week. My favorite part of training with Coach Lauren is the communication and check-ins.

Rasheda C., Tennessee

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