Hello friends!

I’m Lauren, I am so excited to finally launch my new business, Running for Wellness!

What is Running for Wellness?

Running for Wellness is a run coaching business and community with the objective of inspiring, teaching, and guiding others to improve their mental, physical, and emotional health through running! Running has been life-changing for me, and I want to share my passion for running with you! I am an RRCA Certified Running Coach and passionate long-distance runner. You can read more about me and my background on the About Me page!

Mental Health & Wellbeing

I am also a passionate mental health advocate. Through my own personal experiences, I have become very passionate about managing and improving my own mental health and helping others to do the same.

There are so many different facets to health and wellness that are critical but have long been ignored in our society. I want to change that. That is why you will see me speaking up about mental health often, sharing my stories, and my favorite wellness tips.

I believe that speaking up about mental health is the first step to make a cultural shift to raise awareness of how important it is for our happiness, health, and wellbeing.

Run Coaching

Right now, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, many people are quarantined at home. Many gyms, pools, sporting events, and fitness centers are currently closed due to Covid-19. Running is an exercise that can be done solo and therefore is a great option to stay physically fit and mentally balanced throughout this crazy time. There is no better time than now to give running a try!

Are you interested in starting to run but not sure where to start? I can help! Looking for some motivation to run even though your race is canceled? I can help!

Everyone’s physical fitness needs and goals are different. That’s why working with your own personal run coach can be so beneficial. I will assess your current fitness level and goals and create a program that is customized just for you and your lifestyle!

Interested in learning more? Reach out to me at lauren@runningforwellness.com. I can’t wait to talk to you!

-Coach Lauren

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Are You Ready to Run for Wellness?