10 Best Running Water Bottles of 2022

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One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are running is staying hydrated. Hydration is essential for staying comfortable and safe when you are working out. This is especially important when you are running in the heat.

Drinking too little water on your runs can lead to dehydration, which can impact your running performance and can also be dangerous to your health.

It is important to be hydrating and drinking water throughout the day. It can also be helpful to hydrate while you are running to ensure that you are getting enough water and electrolytes.

If you are running a distance longer than 5 miles or in hot temperatures, it is especially important for you to be hydrating during your runs.

In this post, I am going to share my recommendations for the top 10 running water bottles to bring along on your runs. There are lots of options out there, and each option has pros and cons. I will break down some of the benefits and drawbacks of each of these choices.

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10 Best Running Water Bottles To Stay Hydrated On Your Runs

1. Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated Flask, Handheld Running Water Bottle

This is an 18-ounce double-wall insulated water bottle that you can hold in your hand while running. It comes with a fully adjustable hand wrap so that the bottle is grip-free. It also has a small zipped bag where you can pack fuel or other essentials.

2. Amphipod Unisex Hydraform Handheld Running Water Bottle

This handheld water bottle contains a mesh strap to assist with keeping the bottle snuggly held to your hand. This bottle contains a minimalist design that keeps it light and easy to carry. The material on the mesh strap is highly durable and moisture-wicking.

3. CamelBak Quick Grip Chill Handheld Hydration Pack, 17 oz.

This handheld water bottle also contains a mesh hand strap that is breathable to keep your hand cool and comfortable during your runs. There is a secure zippable pocket to carry your phone or other essentials. The hand strap is also adjustable so you can make sure it is the perfect fit!

4. Handheld Water Bottle 17.6 oz Running Water Bottle Handheld Soft Flask Water Bottle fit 6.8 in Phones, Grip Free for Running Hiking Cycling Climbing, and Outdoor Activity

This handheld hydration flask is made of a high-quality material that actually folds up to be stored away when not in use. It is 100% BPA and PVC free. The material is light, breathable, quick-drying, and moisture-wicking for ultimate comfort while you run.

This running water bottle also contains a zippered pocket to accommodate your cell phone, cash, or keys. It also contains reflective screen-printing so that it can be easily spotted in dark conditions.

5. Hydrapak SkyFlask 500ml – Lightweight Collapsible Handheld Running Water Bottle Soft Flask

This is a collapsable water bottle that actually shrinks as you drink from it. It is ultra-light and designed for minimalist runners that don’t want any extra bulk on their runs. It can be easily packed away when empty. This running water bottle is easy to hold and contains an adjustable strap so that it can fit different hand sizes.

6. Nathan Running Handheld Quick Squeeze. No-Grip Adjustable Hand Strap. 12oz / 18oz / Insulated. Reflective Hydration Water Bottle

This water bottle contains an adjustable strap which makes it fit easily in your hand. This running water bottle also has 360 degrees of reflectivity, which makes it easy to spot for safety. The tight strap around your hand ensures that this bottle is no-grip and comfortable to hold for long periods of time while running. This bottle is ideal for marathons or other long-distance endurance activities.

7. Nathan Handheld Water Bottle and Phone Case for Running/Walking. Insulated 18 oz, Hand Held Strap SpeedView Flask. Hydration Pack for Runners

This running water bottle contains a clear touchscreen pouch so that you can access your phone on your runs without removing it from the pouch. It also contains a strap to easily fit tightly to your hand. This high-quality water bottle contains double-wall insulation to keep the temperature of your liquid cool.

8. Fitly Soft Water Bottle | Shrink As You Drink Soft Flask for Hydration Pack | Folding Water Bottle Ideal for Running, Hiking, Cycling, Climbing & Rigorous Activity (8.5 oz – 250 ml)

This is a collapsible running water bottle that will “shrink as you drink”. It is compact and eco-friendly. Since the size of the bottle will decrease as you drink from it, it ensures that liquid won’t slosh around, bounce, or rattle. This is a minimalist bottle that is BPA and PVC-free.

9. “2-in-1 Running Fun” – Handheld 12 Oz. Water Bottle & Running Belt Add-on – Straps Onto Your Hand or Slides on Belt

This is a cool hydration product that can be used in two ways. It can be strapped to your hand as a hand-held water bottle or it can be used as a running belt and strapped to your waist. The interchangeability of this bottle makes it really convenient! It also contains a little pouch to hold your essentials.

10. Nathan Handheld ExoDraw/ExoShot 2.0 18oz / 14oz Insulated Soft Flask – Portable Hydration Bottle for Marathons, Hiking, Ultra Running and Outdoor Activity

The design of this running water bottle is lightweight and comfortable. It contains a BPA-free soft flask that straps to your hand. This bottle also contains an adjustable strap so that it fits snugly into your hand. There are small stash pockets to store your small essentials while on the run.

What is your favorite running water bottle?

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