How To Find The Right Running Socks

In the running world, we always talk about how important it is to get a good pair of running shoes. But we rarely talk about the importance of running socks. In fact, I think running socks are highly underrated.

Whether you are doing long runs or short runs, finding the best pair of socks can really make or break your runs and have a huge impact on the quality of your runs. Who knew?

I highly encourage you to learn about running shoes. Getting the best socks for running will ensure you comfortably make it to the finish line!

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Best Sock Material

When it comes to running socks, the material is very important! The most important rule that you should follow is NO COTTON! I wish I could reinforce that point even more. Cotton material absorbs sweat and will hold moisture. This will make for a very sweaty run! This is the opposite of what you want when you’re looking for the best running socks.

My recommendation is to look for moisture-wicking, breathable socks made of synthetic materials. This type of material will repel sweat and keep you dry and comfortable on your runs.

Look for Socks Designed Specifically for Running

When you shop for socks, you will find so many different kinds all made for different purposes. Some socks are designed for other types of sports or just for warmth and comfort.

The best thing you can do is look for a pair of socks that are made specifically for running.

Find The Right Fit

Just like any other pieces of clothing, socks come in different sizes. You will want to make sure that you find socks that are the best fit for you.

You don’t want the socks to be baggy because they could cause toe blisters. You want the socks to have a snug fit but not be too tight. You want to ensure that you can find the most comfortable socks possible.


It’s very important for running socks to have targeting cushioning. What that means is that the socks should have thick padding in the right places. This provides extra support and helps to absorb shock to protect your joints. These can be especially important if you are running long distances.

You don’t necessarily need to look for a thicker sock (which might be too hot for warm weather running), but you just want to ensure that they are properly cushioned in the places that are most likely to develop blisters.

Find The Right Length

When it comes to sock length, there are many different styles, and there isn’t one right length. Sock length is a personal preference and different lengths work best for different people. Having knee-length compression socks can be good if you want to reduce leg swelling and aid in blood flow.

You can also utilize low cut ankle socks or crew socks. Some people prefer the no-show style. You want to make sure you use a comfortable sock. Sometimes it’s a good idea to try a few different lengths to see what works best for you.

What is your favorite type of running socks?

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How To Find The Right Running Socks


  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. The running socks are so underrated, yet they make such a difference. Thanks for an informative post dedicated to just that. How are the running socks different to other general sports socks?

  2. People used to laugh at me when I said i needed the right socks for running (and everyday walking). No one seemed to understand. But good socks are so important! Thanks for sharing

  3. I am new to running and truly did not know there was special running socks. I would totally invest in them.

  4. So helpful. Thank you

  5. Well, I’m old enough to remember the days of running in cotton socks! How did we ever survive? For me, any thin running sock works- I’m currently using Sketchers. By the way if you really want to get “advanced,” some ultrarunners use toe socks to prevent blisters. Haven’t tried those yet!

  6. I couldn’t agree more. I found the perfect socks on sale in a sporting goods store.

    I wear them for long runs and races.

    Of course I can only find them on Amazon from Japan for $35.

  7. It is important and way more comfortable to find the right running socks. I am a Balega girl for the past 10 years. They hold up really well

  8. I like Balega and Falke socks. I never used to care about running socks until I got a nice pair as a present. What a difference!

  9. Good socks can make such a difference! I’ve been loving Feetures socks. They are so comfortable and last forever!

  10. In the beginning of my running journey, I was ADAMANT that I was not paying $13 for SOCKS. I hated socks. I didn’t even own socks. And then, after a number of issues, I tried running sock and my life was forever changed. I prefer thin, no-show, with a little compression, but it’s a very personal decision.

  11. I used to love very thin, low socks but that has changed over the years. I now appreciate a little padding and arch support. I usually run in Pro Compression (I’m an ambassador) but it’s been too hot for knee-high socks lately. But I like their low socks too.

  12. Socks are so important! I like mine to have a bit of cushion. Feetures, Darn Tough, and Smartwool are my favorites. I am diligent about washing them on delicate and line drying them so that they last – and am learning how to darn them to help them last longer.

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