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What Runners Are Saying

“I have been working with Lauren as my running coach since September of 2020. When we began working together, I was two years removed from having given birth to my son and was 6 months removed from having healed from suffering a broken foot, broken fibula, and peroneal tendonitis. I had been trying to train for a half-marathon on my own and had pushed myself too hard, resulting in these injuries. During our initial touch base, she was extremely thorough, making sure to ask me about my previous running history and injuries, overall health and wellness, and goals toward which I was working. Based on my feedback, she created a plan for me to advance toward my goal of completing a half-marathon while still ensuring I did not over train or suffer any injuries related to over training. Over the course of these months, her coaching has led me to shave off one minute of my min/mile pace while also increasing my mileage 5K to 10K. I had a small set back in the middle of December when I started experiencing shin splints, but with her advice, helpful stretches, and modification to my training for a few weeks, we’re back on track! Lauren is knowledgeable, approachable, friendly, and a great joy with which to work! I am very happy with my progress made under her supervision thus far, and look forward to accomplishing my goal of completing my first half marathon, the Chicago Rock n’ Roll Half in June 2021!”  -Izzy R., New Orleans, LA

“I decided to train with Coach Lauren during the quarantine while gyms were closed.  My favorite part of training with Coach Lauren was the daily coaching plans and support.  Coach Lauren held me accountable to my training plan and she helped me to achieve my running goal of completing a 5k.”  -Lindsay S., New York City

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