Group Coaching


Group Coaching – Group coaching is best for someone who is looking for an individualized training plan and to be a member of a running support group.  This option includes monthly updates to an individualized training plan on VDOT02.  This option is a monthly coaching subscription at $65 per month.  This option includes access to the New Runner’s Motivation Group on Facebook, as well as a subscription to ‘Running & Wellness’, which is the Running for Wellness monthly e-Newsletter which includes running advice, motivation, and wellness tips.  This option also includes unlimited email/Facebook communication.



What you’ll get:

  • Individualized training plan on VDOT02, updated monthly
  • Daily email reminders of your workouts
  • 2 times per month coaching feedback
  • Access to New Runner’s Motivation Group on Facebook
  • Subscription to monthly Running & Wellness E-Newsletter, which includes running education, motivation, and wellness tips
  • Unlimited email/Facebook communication

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