Something I’m really excited about with this blog is starting a Faith Series. Over the last few years, my faith has grown significantly and is now one of the cornerstones of my life, and I want to share that with you. My faith is what keeps me grounded, gives me hope, and helps me to get through hard times. I would like to use this series as a method to share some of my favorite bible verses and talk a bit about what they mean to me and how I apply them to my life. I hope you enjoy this series and let me know if you find it helpful!

To give you a bit of a spiritual background about me, I was raised Catholic and had a lot of faith in God growing up. During my 20’s, I lost my faith and became very lost spiritually and was not sure what I believed. Through a series of life events, I was drawn back to God in a really powerful way and now my faith is stronger than ever. I will probably write a more in-depth testimony in a future blog post.

Psalm 16:8 – “With Him at my right hand, I will not be shaken”

I chose Psalm 16:8 this week because this verse is so important and relevant for me. We all go through difficult things in our lives. We’re all human. The thing that helps me to cope through the inevitable hard times in life is knowing that with God at my right hand, I will not be shaken. He has a plan that is greater than my own. He has a greater purpose that I cannot understand. God is always there as my rock and solid foundation during uncertain times.

We will all face adversity, run into challenges, and have difficulties in our lives that will be more than we can bear on our own. The good news: we aren’t meant to! My life changed drastically when I embraced this idea and I made the choice to stop trying to control the outcomes of situations. I gave up control to God and decided to trust His plan for me, and everything changed. Because with God at my right hand, I cannot be shaken.

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