Hey all! I’m coach Jeff and I want to introduce myself to you. 

I have always tried to engage in some sort of physical activity, whether it was weight lifting, running, or triathlon (swim/bike/run). But I seem to always come back to running. Running is versatile, you can do it on a trail, on a road, or on a treadmill (bleh!). 

Running has been reliable. Anytime I needed to de-stress, or cope with tough life circumstances, it has always been there for me. Running has helped me through tough times. It helps me feel a sense of purpose. 

I am not the most talented athlete, but I like working hard. I love that in running, you get out what you put in. I have run many different distances from 5K to 50K and I have a 100 miler on my bucket list. All of these races, and the training that I put in to complete them have offered me a different challenge and a sense of accomplishment. 

I want to help others reap the benefits of running. Not just the benefits for the body, but the benefits for the mind: like feeling a sense of purpose and accomplishment, and building up resilience to face challenges. 

That is why I became an RRCA certified run coach and that is why I love to help people reach their running goals! 

-Coach Jeff

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