How To Run With Your Phone

A common question that I get from a lot of new runners is how to run with your phone.

There are many different options for how to carry it and they each have pros and cons!

Should you carry it? Should you put it in a pocket? Should you buy some sort of strap or band to hold it to your body?

There are so many options!

In this article, I’ll share a few suggestions for how you can carry your phone during runs. I’ll share some pros and cons of each method, and my favorite way to bring my phone along during runs!

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Should you carry your phone with you when you run?

First of all, let’s talk about whether you should carry your phone with you when you run.

What are the pros and cons of bringing your phone on runs?

I’ll start with a few cons.

Phones can be heavy and bulky…especially if you have a bigger phone.

They can add weight and bounce to your run which can be bothersome.

They also can lead to an imbalanced weight load if you store the phone on one side or another.

If you get caught in the rain during a run, it can make your phone wet and potentially cause water damage depending on how wet it gets!

So what are some of the pros?

Carrying your phone with you when you run can add an extra level of safety.

If you run into any trouble, help is only a quick phone call away.

Phones can be helpful for emergencies, communication, maps, music or podcasts, or tracking your workouts.

I always bring my phone with me when I run and I wouldn’t feel safe running without it.

What are a few different ways to carry your phone when you run?

Carry it in your hand

This is the most basic way to carry your phone. Just carry it in your hand.

This method doesn’t need any special equipment…just carry your phone in your hand while you run.

My only advice with this method is to switch between hands every now and then to make sure the weight of the phone is distributed evenly to your right and left sides.

This method is simple and easy!

A downside of using this method is that there is no water protection if you get caught in the rain.

Use a waistband

There are various options of waistbands that you can use to hold your phone while you run.

This method keeps your hands free.

You also don’t need to wear shorts with a pocket.

It’s important to find a good, snug fit so that your phone doesn’t bounce around when you run.

Here are a few good options: Aikendo, Flipbelt, or KEGE:

Use an armband

This is a pretty popular method to carry your phone. I used to use an armband all the time when I would run.

Using this method can help you to keep things hands-free.

Also, many of the armbands have a clear plastic screen so it is easy to push buttons on your phone if you need to.

This type of method is also often water-resistant which can be helpful if you run in the rain.

Here are a few good armband options: Tribe, E Tronic, or VUP.

Clip it to your sports bra or running top

Another convenient option to hold your phone is to clip it to your sports bra or running top.

There are some pretty cool clips available that will attach your phone securely to your top.

The most popular and reputable one is called Koala Clip.

A few other great options are sports bras that have a pocket to hold your phone.

TFSCloin and Ultrafun have some really great options!

Use a Handheld Device (Hydration pocket)

My final recommendation is to use a handheld device to carry your phone while you run.

You may already run with a handheld hydration device, and if you do, it’s a great idea to leverage the little pocket that usually comes with it for your phone!

This is an easy and convenient way to carry your phone in one of your hands.

This also makes it easy to use the buttons on your phone while you are running to change the music or your podcast.

Here are a few cool options! Nathan’s (this is my absolute favorite!), or Gear Beast.

What is your favorite way to carry your phone while you run?


  1. I’ve just started taking my phone with me when I run (I’ve been doing some not-so-busy trails) and I struggle with how to carry the phone, especially for long runs. These ideas look great, especially the bras with the pocket! Thanks!

  2. What a great blog! I have been holding my phone in my hand lately. Its not fun 😂 i never liked the armbands… maybe should try one for waist

  3. This is good but I can never carry my phone with me. What if I get robbed and they take my phone,?

  4. Great post. I’ve seen many people running with their phones in their hands. I like the idea of carrying it on your waist. Thanks!

  5. I simply can’t just hold my phone and go for a run or just a walk. I like the bra pocket option.

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