How to Make Running Easier

how to make running easier

There’s no doubt that when you’re a beginner runner, running can be very hard! I attempted to run several times (unsuccessfully) before I finally found a method that worked and helped me to develop a long-lasting running routine!

The good news is running doesn’t stay hard forever. Once you build up your endurance and establish a good running routine, running becomes second nature. And dare to say that it actually feels exhilarating?

Be Prepared

Before you leave for your runs, make sure you are prepared. Be sure that you have fueled yourself correctly. Also, make sure that you are well-rested and got a good night of sleep. Make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the run.

Taking the time to make sure all of these things are taken care of will greatly improve your chances of having a good run. Being prepared really pays off!

Don’t Go Too Hard

A common mistake I see a lot of new runners make is that they go too hard and too fast! A simple way to make running easier is to slow down! It may feel tempting to run as fast as you can or try to hit a certain pace.

It really does pay off and make running so much more sustainable if you take a slower pace and don’t overwhelm yourself which can often lead to burnout.

Keep Your Runs Short

Rather than adding long runs to your schedule too early, try to focus on adding more frequent short runs to your routine. Running will be much easier if you focus on small goals first and build up slowly to larger ones.

Start small and build up over time. Keeping your runs short at the beginning will make running much easier in the long run.

Take Walk Breaks

Another way to make running much easier is to take frequent walk breaks – especially at the beginning. The best way to build up your endurance as a runner is to build in some run/walk intervals. This includes taking plenty of walk breaks and being patient with yourself.

There is no shame in walking sometimes. Walk breaks can help you to be a better runner!

Drink Plenty of Water

Another thing that is so important for making running easier is to drink plenty of water. Being hydrated is extremely important for runners.

You can bring a water bottle with you, or try out a running hydration pack. Staying hydrated is good for your body and for your runs.

Focus on Easy Runs

As I mentioned before, it’s tempting to want to dive right in and do lots of speed work. Try focusing on easy runs. Run at an easy, conversation pace. When you run, should be able to hold a conversation with someone next to you. You shouldn’t be winded or gasping for air.

This is how you know that you have found your easy pace. Focus on keeping your easy days easy and running will be much easier overall.

Squash Negative Thoughts

Mindset is everything when it comes to running. Your body is capable of a lot more than you think, but sometimes it’s your head that tells you otherwise. Focus on positive, motivating thoughts when you run. I like to repeat mantras in my head.

Some examples could be “just keep going”, “I can do this”, or “smooth as butter” (my personal favorite). Don’t focus on how hard the running feels. Focusing on mantras and uplifting phrases is a great way to keep a positive mindset.

What is your favorite way to make running easier?

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  1. Great advice! Definitely stay hydrated!

  2. I have never been a runner but I mighty try it again

  3. I have gained weight since I havenโ€™t been running which has made it harder for me to begin again. I know that it will get easier with consistency and keeping a positive mindset as you have advised will give me the encouragement I need. Thank you.

  4. As someone who has been interested in running, these are great beginner tips! Here’s to running my first mile.

  5. The mental game is huge for me. I am not sure running is ever easy but some days feel easier than others for sure. I can talk myself out of a good run very easily with negative self talk.

  6. The tip to focus on easy runs is especially good. I think a lot of people (especially when they’re first getting started with running) run every run too fast. Most runs should feel easy!

  7. I have always wanted to be a runner, I can’t wait to get going! Just signed up for your running motivation guide! Thank you for this post!

  8. These are all great tips! Yup, most people run really hard, think they’re going to die, and totally give up on running. It’s sad!

  9. I think that for new runners walking breaks can be so helpful! Especially when trying to build up to a 30 minute run, stopping to walk can really help! All of these are great tips!

  10. Taking walking breaks is a nice tip. You are right, there’s no shame in walking!

  11. Taking walk breaks is definitely up there. I also try to go out early so it’s not too hot.

  12. When I learned to run truly easy about ten years ago, it was a game-changer for my running! It feels so much easier when not every run is a push.

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