Get to Know Coach Lauren

Who is Coach Lauren?

Hi everyone, there are a few new faces around here so I wanted to take a minute to do a little intro so that you can get to know me, Running Coach Lauren!

My name is Coach Lauren and I am an RRCA Certified Running Coach and Owner of Running for Wellness.

I am a runner, an RRCA certified running coach, blogger, wife, new mom, dog mom, and mental health advocate living in Pittsburgh, PA.  Running for Wellness was created to help others improve their own mental health through running.

Running is one of my favorite self-care habits to take care of my own mental and physical health, and I love to help others achieve their running goals. 

I Discovered Running by Accident

I’m an avid runner now, but it hasn’t always been this way!  I discovered that I love running by accident!  In my early years, I hated running and struggled with it!  I decided to sign up for a 5k to try something new in an effort to “get in shape” for my wedding in 2014. This was very tough for me, and my only goal was to finish it. 

I knew that I was hooked as soon as I completed the race!  I can’t even describe the amazing feeling of crossing the finish line of a race for the first time.  Since then, I have completed 2 marathons, 5 half marathons, 1 sprint triathlon, and countless 5ks, 10ks, and relays.  If I can do it, you can too!

Catching The Running Bug

I caught the running bug because I loved the way running made me feel. Running has changed my life and has helped me to improve different areas in my life. It helped me to improve my physical and mental health. I could go on and on about how much I love running. There are just so many amazing things about it. Running is the one thing I could talk about all day long to anyone.

Sharing the Gift of Running

I want to share the amazing gift of running with you, which is why I became an RRCA Certified Run Coach.

I’m here to show you that you can be a runner too and you’re capable of more than you think!

Thanks for coming along on this journey with me! Happy Running!

-Coach Lauren

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Get to Know Coach Lauren

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