Covid Scare and Exciting Speaking Announcement

This week was a little different than expected! My training started well and was abruptly halted due to a Covid Scare. I also have an exciting speaking announcement to share!

Monday – 2 mile run, 2 mile family walk

On Moday, I listened to my friend, Maria Abbe’s (founder of Running Myself Together) Spotify playlist: Running & Worship. Today I ran through a hilly neighborhood so this workout was definitely hill training! It was moderately hot, but not too bad (especially in the shade!)

Covid Scare

This ended up being my last run for the week. Monday night I started to get a scratch in my throat. It got progressively worse throughout the night.

On Tuesday, when I woke up, I decided to call my doctor to see if it was anything to worry about because I was also starting to have some congestion and runny nose. Even though my symptoms were very mild, she suggested that I take a Covid test. She said that many young and healthy people with mild symptoms like mine were testing positive for Covid because younger people are more likely to be asymptomatic or have a very mild case. So I made an appointment to get tested on Wednesday.

I took the test on Wednesday morning, and within 24 hours had the test results! Thank God, the results came back negative! Even though I didn’t have Covid, I still wasn’t feeling great, and the cold progressed into a cough, so I decided not to run for the rest of the week until I was feeling better.

It was a bummer because I was planning to lead a group run for SweatNet in downtown Pittsburgh on Saturday, but we had to cancel. Hopefully we will be rescheduling for another weekend in September!

We were able to go on a few family walks after I found out that my Covid test was negative. I’m feeling a lot better but still a bit congested. Hopefully next week is a better running week!

Exciting Speaking Announcement

I am so I excited that I am going to be a Mental Health Speaker for NAMI Keystone PA (the Pennsylvania chapter of the National Alliance of Mental Illness). I will be sharing my personal story with middle and high school students across Pennsylvania. Mental health is something that is really important to me! On Thursday, we had our speaker training and it was so incredibly inspirational. Hearing all the other speakers share their stories was so powerful and moving! I connected with another speaker, Ashley Kesner, who founded a blog and movement dedicated to mental health and recovery. I’m so excited to work together!

I am so excited to be a part of such a wonderful organization that is making a difference in the lives of so many people! I will be sharing more details of my mental health story on here very shortly! Stay tuned!

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  1. good news on the covid test. My allergies are bothering me again and causing some of those symptoms. That is really exciting that you are going to speak for the event. My background is in mental health as well I have an MSW and specialized in eating disorders when I practiced. Make sure to share you info so we can hear it

    1. Thanks Deborah! Yes I am so happy it was negative! Phew! That is so awesome that you have a background in mental health! I will definitely be sharing more soon! Thanks for the linkup! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Whew on the Covid test! I’m thinking ahead to fall and wondering how it’s going to work in my clinic since we are a non-COVID site. Meaning we can’t see anyone with Covid symptoms; we don’t do any testing. It’s already happening with allergies–things are going to get interesting!

    Congrats on the speaking gig with NAMI! I am interested to hear how it goes.

    1. Yes, things are definitely going to get interesting this fall with cold and flu season coming! Thank you!!! I can’t wait to get started!

  3. Glad your test was negative & you got results quickly. I know people here whoโ€™ve waited a long time for their results.

    Feel better & congrats on your speaking gig!

    1. Thank you Judy! I know, I have heard of people waiting weeks! It’s good to know the testing turnaround timing is much faster now!

  4. Glad your test was negative. Iโ€™m sure more people will be having Covid scares as fall allergies and cold season advance โ€”but with all our distancing and hand washing maybe weโ€™ll stay healthier than usual? Congrats on the speaking engagement. I think itโ€™s so important for kids to know they are not alone in their struggles and they can reach out for help.

    1. Thanks Coco, I am so glad too! And thanks – I agree it’s so important for kids to know they are not alone and how to get help!

  5. So glad your test was negative! I hope you’re feeling better. I work in the mental health field too. Congrats on your speaking opportunity!

    1. Thanks Lisa, I’m glad too! Already feeling mostly better! That’s great that you work in the mental health field! I’m a huge mental health advocate!

  6. Glad it wasn’t COVID. Every time I get run down, I get a sore feeling in my throat and that’s the first thing I think of these days! The symptoms of COVID really do cover a lot of different things. It’s hard not to be suspicious!

    1. I know, so true! I figured it’s better to be safe than sorry!

  7. Great news on the COVID test…what a relief! Congrats on the speaking engagement..hope it goes well!

    1. Thank you Kimberly! I really appreciate it!

  8. That’s the hard part about this: COVID’s symptoms are so much like so many other symptoms, so who even knows without that test? I’m glad you’re negative!

    Congratulations on the speaking engagement! That’s awesome1

  9. Glad your test came back negative. It is so confusing right now because the symptoms are very similar to a cold and you are left wondering if it is a cold or covid. I also got tested a few weeks ago and my results were negative too.

    Congratulations on the speaking engagement! I know mental health is a topic that many of us don’t talk about or don’t know what/how to do because we don’t know too much about it. Full circle. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Zenaida – I totally agree! It is so hard to tell since the symptoms are so similar! Glad your test came back negative too! Thank you so much! Mental health can be a taboo topic so I’m looking forward to speaking out to raise awareness!

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