30 Day Wellness Challenge

Hi Friends! I hope your summers are going well and your enjoying those summer runs! We are now officially 5 months into the COVID-19 pandemic (from when the quarantine began here at least). As the days are getting a bit monotonous, I’ve decided to try a 30 day Wellness Challenge to change things up and almost act as a detox/cleanse for myself. I’ve never done anything like this before so I decided to try something new!

Why a Wellness Challenge? I’m feeling like the pandemic is dragging on, and since I have been cooped up in the house so much lately I feel like I have fallen into some not so good habits that aren’t necessarily making me feel great. I’m trying a wellness challenge to break the monotony and implement some new healthier habits!

Why 30 days? I decided to do this wellness challenge for 30 days! I figured that it would be long enough to establish some new habits and to feel the positive benefits of the changes. It’s also short enough that it doesn’t feel impossible. Hopefully 30 days will be feasible!

What does the Wellness Challenge entail? I’ll be cutting out a few things and adding a few things to my life.

Things I’ll be Cutting Out:

  • Caffeine – I am absolutely addicted to coffee. The last time I didn’t have at least one cup of regular coffee per day was when I was pregnant! While I love the indulgence, caffeine makes me feel anxious and jittery. It also messes with my energy levels.
  • Alcohol – The pandemic has me in the habit of too much wine and it’s not the healthiest habit to have. Not to mention that every time I have a few drinks I feel super dehydrated. I have decided to cut out alcohol for a month and see how it makes me feel mentally and physically.
  • Limiting Social Media – I get sucked into social media way too often and it’s something I go to when I’m bored. It ends up wasting a lot of time. I’m setting daily limits for my social media consumption and sticking to them!
  • Sleeping with my cell phone in the bedroom – A terrible habit I have gotten into lately is sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night and I can’t fall back asleep, I go on my phone. This only makes things worse and then I really can’t sleep once I start reading news, etc. For the next 30 days, I will be sleeping with my cell phone in the kitchen. Then I also won’t turn to it first thing when I wake up.

Habits I’ll be Adding to my Life:

In addition to these things, I am also adding a few new healthier habits to my life:

  • Running Plan – Creating a running plan for myself and sticking to it. Somehow the lack of races has been tough for me to stick to a focused running schedule. I have still been running, but it’s been a little more willy nilly than I’d like. I’ll be sharing more of my runs and training schedule here on the blog too.
  • Drink more water – Now that I’m cutting out caffeine and alcohol (two major dehydrators!), I’m ready to up my hydration game! My goal is to focus on drinking more water during the times that I would have previously reached for a coffee or a glass of wine.
  • Consistent Blogging – Now that I will have more free time from not being bogged down and distracted by social media, I will have more time to focus on the blog! I am so excited to share more content with you on a more regular schedule!
  • Bible Reading – Lastly, I want to focus more time on reading the bible. My spiritual life is very important to me and that includes my relationship with God. I would like to be more consistent with reading God’s word on a regular basis and finding ways to apply it to my life.

That’s it! Today is Day 3 of the 30 day wellness challenge and so far so good! I’ll be reporting back to provide updates on how this Wellness Challenge is going!

Have you ever done a wellness challenge like this?

What changes do you think you would implement?

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